Elite Tyers

Star Full


Star Full

You should definately use some of your valuable time, to meet our outstanding Elite Tyers, they are absolutely worth every single second !
When it comes to passion, skills, dedication, exploring and perfection in fly tying and fly fishing, all these guys are gold medal winners.
They are allways looking for new and creative ways to take their game to an even higher level, in beautiful combination with a great personality.

It’s no secret that it’s a huge privilege for us that all these talented fly tyers are ambassadors for us, they have been carefully selected through the years.
If you are looking for fly tying inspiration, you can click on each of them, read about them, and we highly recommend that you follow them on their social medias, and get to know them even better. You might learn something new, and maybe take your own game to another level ?

Notice, everyone stands in random order, and more Elite Tyers will be added soon !