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Who is Svenja ?

Actually we have never met Svenja Bossen in real life, but she has used our products, and shared her amazing flies on her social medias.
She is our first female Elite Tyer ever, and she’s absolutely worth it ! It’s a big pleasure and honour to have her on our team.
When it comes to beautiful tied flies in any aspects for seatrout and coastline fishing in general, Svenja shows us how to get the job done.
You should definately follow her on her social medias and get inspired, she is a very nice girl to talk with as well.

Questions & Answers

When and where were you born ?

I was born in 1978 in Northern Germany in Husum.

When did you start fishing, tying flies and fishing with flies ?

I started fishing late, until 2011 I fished by myself.  Before that, I was always going out with my husband, but was just a spectator. I started tying flies in 2014 and then also got my first own flyrod. So still a beginner, but I learn every day, and i love it.

Do you remember the first fish you have ever caught, and the bait ?

Yes, I remember that. It was a perch on a dropshot montage with a worm.

Do you remember the first fly you tied ?

My first fly was a shrimp fly with craftfur. The next day my husband caught a nice sea trout with it, that was great 🙂

Do you only flyfish ?

If it’s possible to fish with the fly rod, then this is my first choice. But I also use a spinning rod when the weather is too rough. I allways have both rods with me.

What is the biggest fish you've caught ?

My biggest Fish was a Pike. That fish was 98 cm and 8 kg… that was truly amazing ! 

What is your favourite fish in your own country, top 3 ?

1. Seatrout
2. Flatfish
3. Cod

Do you have other hobbies, and which ones ?

Tying flies and fly fishing already take up a large part of my free time. But I also love exploring new fishing territories with our camper bus.

Do you have a favourite quote to share ?

Yes, this is my favourite quote – “Success comes when you love what you do !”

Do you have social medias you would like to share ?

Yes, if you‘re interested in my flies and fishing adventures, then please follow me.. you can find my social medias on the icons on the top of this site.
I’m looking forward 🙂

All the best.
Svenja Bossen