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Who is Kim ?

We have never met Kim Weflen in real life actually, but we have seen his amazing flies on instagram, and we had no doubt.
A fly tyer with a wide range of quality flies, simply had to get a chance on our Elite Tyer
Team, and he seems to be a good guy as well.
You should definately check out his instagram channel, or his youtube channel, and let yourself inspire.
Kim can tie nearly everything, but is awesome when it comes to coastal flies, wet flies and dry flies.

Questions & Answers

When and where were you born ?

I was born in 1979, in Lørenskog, Akershus, Norway.

When did you start fishing, tying flies and fishing with flies ?

My father brought me along on fishing trips when i was very young. I remember we found an appropriate birch and tied a long fishingline with a hook and fished for roach with pieces of bread. Since then i have always had an interest for nature and fishing.
On my birthday in 2006 i got my first fly rod, and my father gave me a old box of fly tying stuff the same year. From there it just escalated into the fly fisherman i am today. Full of passion for the art and sport.

Do you remember the first fish you have ever caught, and the bait ?

The first fish i ever cought was a roach. When I got a proper rod and reel I started to catch both perch and pike on different lures. I will never forget the first trout I caught on my Mepla spinning lure in a small creek, about 3-400 grams. That was a big fish for a 10 year old boy.

Do you remember the first fly you tied ?

The first fly I attempted to tie was the Montana Nymph which ended up looking more like a fat version of a bumble bee. 

Do you only flyfish ?

My fishing is 94,7% fly fishing, and the other percent is creek fishing with ultra light spinning lures with my kids. Love the quality time, and the walk down memory lane. 

What is the biggest fish you've caught ?

My biggest catch is probably a cod. On a fly rod its a pike. Biggest trout was spot on 2kg and biggest char was 1.7kg. Both on dry fly, great memories.

What is your favourite fish in your own country, top 3 ?

1. Trout
2. Sea Trout
3. Everything else swimming in the water

Do you have other hobbies, and which ones ?

Fly fishing and fly tying occupy so much of my days, but i also had a great passion for fish tanks and different fish at one time. 

Do you have a favourite quote to share ?

Yolo, carpe diem 😉

Do you have social medias you would like to share ?

I’m most active on Instagram “@nor_fly”, but i also have an YouTube Chanel called “Nor_Fly”. The YouTube Channel will have more content in the future.
You can find my social medias on the top of this site.

All the best.
Kim Weflen

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