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Who is Ted ?

We have never met Ted Syhlén in real life, but we have been following him on the social medias, and we have seen his videoes on youtube.
He is a very serious and skilled fly tyer, and he seems to be a dedicated nice guy as well.
His youtube channel looks very promising, and we have high expectations to him, you should definately go check it out yourself.
Ted is a flyfisher and a flytyer, he is amazing when it comes to seatrout flies, and we are pleased to have him as an Easy Shrimp Eyes Elite Tyer.

Questions & Answers

When and where were you born ?

I was born in the town of Varberg on the west coast of Sweden in January 1978.

When did you start fishing, tying flies and fishing with flies ?

I started as most people do by going fishing with my dad when I was around 6 years old, and kept on it until I was a teenager,then other things entered my life as skateboarding and other board sports. So it wasn’t until around 2013 that I got into fishing again. Got my first fly rod from my dad and I bought a vice and started tying my own flies, I had the illusion that it would save me som money but realized it opens other paths into creating my own flies that I thought was more interesting than the stock ones.

Do you remember the first fish you have ever caught, and the bait ?

My first memory of a fish is at my current home town, it was in my early days and we where visiting my grandmas birth place. Me and my dad did som angling with a floatation with a worm for various fish such as perch and so on, I got a bream on the hook and was all exhausted after reeling it in. A great memory but not the fish I’m aiming for today.

Do you remember the first fly you tied ?

My first ever fly tied was a Peacock nymph, still got the pattern in my flybox for Stillwater or fishing in the streams.

Do you only flyfish ?

I would say yes, I only fly fish when fishing for my self, but i’m just getting my daughter into fishing, so it will be more on the normal gear when i’m fishing with her. But I do prefer fly fishing because for me it’s much more than just fishing.

What is the biggest fish you've caught ?

My biggest fish is a farmed rainbow that I actually don’t even count, bad fins and stuffed with pellets for me isn’t pleasant fishing. But I have to go with the one I caught on a sculpin pattern I tied in Norway upp in Nord trøndelag, sinking line and 2 strips then a great fish saw the net. I generally don’t measure or weigh my fishes, I like to collect the memories of great fishing days.

What is your favourite fish in your own country, top 3 ?

My favorite fish to catch is by no doubt the trout, it does’nt matter if it’s saltwater or freshwater. But I do fish for other species as well, so here’s the list:

1. Trout
2. Northen Pike
3. Perch

Do you have other hobbies, and which ones ?

Yes I don’t just fish i’m also into rock climbing, especially bouldering. Bouldering has brought me to a lot of amazing places and combining climbing up a boulder with just being outdoors is great.
Most part of my life between fishing has been spent on boards, mostly skateboard, snowboard but also surfing. The feeling of being pushed by water forward while standing on a piece of glassfiber is magical, I guess that’s why the transition to saltwater fishing for trout wasn’t foreign.

Do you have a favourite quote to share ?

My favorite quote comes from my granddad, he is definitely not the source of it but the first one I heard say it and it goes: nothing is impossible, the impossible just takes more time.

Do you have social medias you would like to share ?

Yes you can find me on most social media platforms, I started a Youtube channel, where i’m doing SBS flytying, and it will also feature some tying tutorials with focus on materials and techniques. My Instagram is where most posts happens and is also the easiest to reach out to me 🙂

Hope to see you either in the water or at some fairs in the future!

All the best.
Ted Syhlén

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