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Who is Alois ?

We had the pleasure to meet Alois Trübner on a fly fair in Denmark, and it sure was a very big pleasure.
Alois was tying big predator flies for pike hunting, and there was no doubt about his exceptional tying skills.
He was a very nice guy as well, allways with a smile on his face, and a nice joke or two, and we just starting talking.
Later we had to ask him to be an Easy Shrimp Eyes Elite Tyer, and he agreed to join our amazing team.
Alois is not only talented when it comes to predator flies, he also has nice skills on shrimp flies, and coast flies in general.

Questions & Answers

When and where were you born ?

I was born in 1981 in Jena, in Germany.

When did you start fishing, tying flies and fishing with flies ?

I started fishing at the age of 9, as everybody did in my area with a pole rod.
I started flyfishing and flytying, at the same time in september 2013.

Do you remember the first fish you have ever caught, and the bait ?

Oh yeah, it was a really huge tench caught on bread at the surface.
After that fish my clothes where totally messed up. My mom had to throw all the slimed stuff in the bin, heheee…

Do you remember the first fly you tied ?

Of course, i have it in my dining room to remember where i started from.
It’s something for perch, or at least that was the intention.. just different materials tied on a hookshank and shaped with a scissor. 🙂

Do you only flyfish ?

Mostly yes, but i can’t stop fishing ultralight dropshot for perch in the wintertime.
That’s something that really got me like flyfishing did. Really really stunning fishing !
You can feel everything that the fish does with your lure.. 

What is the biggest fish you've caught ?

Had a blast in Scotland in 2019, and caught a new PB for pike, 114 cm, and 14 kg 😀
Will never forget that moment, that’s for sure !
Check out my video in the bottom – RAPTORZ – chasing scottish monsters on the fly

What is your favourite fish in your own country, top 3 ?

1. Pike
2. Perch
3. Seatrout (Searun Brown Trout)

Do you have other hobbies, and which ones ?

I spend a lot of time in the garden with my family. We love to plant our own vegetables and let the kids grow up with mother nature.
We have our own canoe as well, and my kids just love it, besides spending time in the water as much as possible.

Do you have a favourite quote to share ?

When we consider that we are all crazy, life is explained.
That quote is written by Mark Twain, and YES, he is right!! 😛

Do you have social medias you would like to share ?

Yep’, i’m online with my baby „RAPTORZFISHING“ at instagram, facebook and youtube !
I keep on trying new stuff and follow other channels to stay updated for inspiration.
There is so much space in flytying skills we can fill with fun and passion.
That will take my time until i can’t see no more, what i’m doing ! Thats the plan !!

I hope you have as much fun as i do, in the world of fly fishing and fly tying !

All the best.
Alois Trübner

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