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Why Easy Shrimp Eyes ?

Easy Shrimp Eyes is made for all the fly tyers around the world, who has a struggle with shrimp eyes in general. We all know it, either one of the eyes are a bit smaller or bigger than the other, or maybe they are not evenly long after tying the eyes in on the fly.
Those days are fortunately over, and now there is no excuses not being able to tie a beautiful shrimp fly, or maybe you could use the eyes for another purpose ?

Over the years, we have been extremely inspired by watching how our talented costumers use our Easy Shrimp Eyes for a lot more than shrimp flies. Check out our instagram for instance !
One of the main reasons is that the eyes is a great hook point on nearly any type of fly.
We have seen salmon flies with our eyes attached, small baitfish, on mouse flies, crab flies and insects in general, and sure why not. We love to be creative ourselves !

Here is a beautiful shrimp fly from Karl-Arne Andreassen from Norway, allways with a magic touch. Find him on instagram, right here.

High Quality Products

The most durable eyes are made in Denmark all the way, from design to the finally product, and we can guarantee that it’s a high quality product, which is made of the best materials available, to make sure that you get the best of the best !
With other words, no shortcuts, pure quality and very high durability.

The eyes has been tested to the limit under tough conditions, and we have not experienced that one of the eyes has been lost during fishing, even after many fish on the same fly.

Our costumers has confirmed this theory, we often get great feedback from our flytying costumers, and they seem to be very satisfied in general.

Here is a nice catch, and a very nice fly from Morten Jensen, Denmark, with pink eyes.
We recommend that you follow him on instagram, right here.

Dimensions & Opportunities

Easy Shrimp Eyes is now available in two sizes, X-Small and Medium.

Notice that the surface of the tying platform has grooves as well, to make sure that the eyes don’t go anywhere when you have tied them in. No need to use glue or varnish anymore !

Some people like the eyes as they are, and that the eyes stick out as the product are made to each side, but it’s possible to tie the eyes further in on the body of the fly, just tie over the stalks until you are satisfied.
The stalks are flexible but very durable as well.

When you have tied your eyes in, simply cut the rest of the tying platform off.

A naturel colored fly can sometimes do the magic, check out this lovely fly of Mathias Krølle Rosenmejer Ibsen, and follow him on instagram, right here.

Waterproof Markers & Contrast

You can use waterproof markers on Easy Shrimp Eyes, but make sure to buy some quality markers, there is a difference in the quality of them, as with anything else.
Some fly tyers like to make pupils with a black marker, and some like to experiment even more with other colors, and the Easy Shrimp Eyes – Transparent Clear is made for that purpose.

In our humble opinion, we like to use Easy Shrimp Eyes as a good contrast to the rest our fly pattern.
If we make a pink shrimp fly for instance, we would not use pink eyes, but maybe one of the other great colors to make a sharp contrast to the pink body.
Imagine a pink shrimp fly with super fluorescent yellow eyes, now that’s contrast !
And we do believe in strong hook points on the fly, no doubt about that.

There is no right or wrong tough, this is just a guideline, and some of our thoughts.

Here is a Psycho Shrimp from Erik Petersen, Denmark, with a nice sharp contrast.


Easy Shrimp Eyes

The traditional Easy Shrimp Eyes versions, is neutral colors.
Only the transparent red version has a small amount of fluorescent effect.

In this category we have the following colors :

This is not transparent, but is a full color version.

Transparent Brown, Transparent Red and Transparent Clear.
These 3 colors are transparent, as the name says.

The neutral colors are used most in clear sunny weather, and in clear water.
There is no right or wrong tough, we encourage you to play around with the colors on your flies, and make your own experience.

Super Fluorescent

Easy Shrimp Eyes

The super fluorescent Easy Shrimp Eyes versions, is as the name says super fluorescent.
There is full power on the fluorescent effect !
Under UV light you will be convinced, but don’t look too long, it’s not good for your eyes.

In this category we have the following colors :

Super Fluorescent Orange, Super Fluorescent Yellow, Super Fluorescent Green, Super Fluorescent White and Super Fluorescent Pink
All these color variations are full color versions.

The super fluorescent colors are used most in clouded and dark weather in general, and in dirty and muddy water.
There is no right or wrong tough, we encourage you to play around with the colors on your flies, and make your own experience.

There is a lot of different opinions about fluorescense, some people believe it’s more effective, and other people don’t believe in it at all. 
Our own opinion on this subject is, that fluoresence is extremely effective, especially if you use these products under the right conditions.

To be honest, we don’t have any scientific evidence, but think about it…
We don’t believe that the fish bites more on fluorescent colors because the fish likes fluorescense, but we do believe that fluorescent colors are much more visible in the water, and if your fly is more visible to the fish, then the fish are more likely to bite. We think that makes perfect sense !
This is our opinion, and our catch rates definately tells the same story.

Glow In The Dark

Easy Shrimp Eyes

The Easy Shrimp Eyes – Glow In The Dark version, is luminescent
It lights up in the dark, as the name says, but there is more opportunities in this version.

In this category we only have this color :

Glow In The Dark
This is not transparent, but is a full color version.

This version is used most in the late evenings, the early mornings, and at night of course.
But don’t underestimate this version in the daytime as well.
If the sun is shining and it’s lightly cloudy, then these eyes changes color while fishing with them, and if the sun is up all day long, these eyes are quite cool as well.

There is no right or wrong tough, we encourage you to play around with this version on your flies, and make your own experience.

Easy Shrimp Eyes

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Easy Shrimp Eyes

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